Saturday, March 27, 2010

Operation Birth Control: Days Three and Four

We're going to take a nod from a former president and throw up the "Mission Accomplished!" banner even though Mom and Dad aren't back yet. We've been really sick the past few days and have hardly stopped crying. Aidan even gave Brittany a good scare with a temp of 103.0 in the middle of the night. She took us into the doctor, but thankfully Auntie Lisa was there so Brittany didn't have to be the one to hold Aidan down when he had an x-ray and blood drawn. We told you it's been a crazy few days!! Thankfully we're on the mend now, and just have nasty green stuff running down our faces at all times. We're getting really excited for Mom and Dad to come home and snuggle with us! We'll post pictures tomorrow when our noses aren't so green and icky. Until then - Happy Mission Accomplished day!

Love, Patrick and Aidan


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