Thursday, March 25, 2010

Operation Birth Control: Day Two

Let us tell you, there is no way Britt and Dan are having babies any time soon! We were worried we were being too much fun so we laid it on thick today! We didn't have to work too hard at being cranky, though, because we are both getting some molars in. YUCK. Here's a few snapshots of our day:

We did some of this:

Some of this:
And a LOT of this:
Don't we look like fun? :)

Again for Mom: We had french toast and oranges for breakfast, banana for morning snack, baby tacos for lunch (ground beef, tortilla, tomato and cheese), crackers for afternoon snack, and baked potato for dinner. We didn't nap so well unless we were being held (especially Patrick!) but we perked up before bed time and had a lot of fun with Britt and Dan. We also made sure to snuggle with Brittany a ton, so don't worry about her. We know how to keep her coming back! :) We hope you're having a great time and we look forward to talking to you tomorrow! We love you!! (and Dad, too!)

Love, Aidan and Patrick


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