Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stuck at School

We had our summer school class today, and just before it was time to go it started to rain like crazy! We hung out for a while in our classroom, but when we could tell that the rain wasn't letting up any time soon we decided to head on over to the school cafeteria and eat lunch there! Our school has a cool thing where they offer free lunch to all kids every day of the week. We really enjoyed being big boys in the lunch room today and hope we can stay for it again another week!

Big boy P!
 Big boy Aidan!

We sure are growing up fast!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


For Fun Friday today, we went to a new museum and got to see some dinosaurs! We've loved reading about dinosaurs in lots of the books we have, so we were really excited to see some big dinosaurs today.

Checkin out the Triceratops
 Aidy driving the tug boat and overlooking the big big river
 Doing some puzzles!
 Picking up the phones and learning about the dinosaurs
 P's turn to drive the boat!
 More fun puzzles!
 Learning about sound waves and playing the piano

The only thing missing was a moon rock, like Bert likes to go see! ;) It was a fun day at the museum!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Biker Boyz

This summer, we are all about bikes! We've only had them a few weeks but we have totally figured out pedaling and can cruise around pretty fast on our bikes. We even look pretty stylish (and old!) in our spiffy helmets!

Biker P!

Biker Aidy!

The McBiker Boyz!

Here's a video of us in action. A word of caution, turn your volume WAY down, if not off. We don't say anything cute, but we do like to yell when we're outside!