Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas came early!

We were told that all we were supposed to ask for for Christmas was our two front teeth. Well, I must have been extra good this year because today they were delivered! Santa must not be totally on his game yet though, because I got one front tooth on top and one side tooth on top. I guess it's close enough though.

Now that my Christmas wish is filled, I guess you'll all just have to give me toys. Aidan doesn't have his two front teeth yet, though, so I'll take his toys too. You don't want to have him getting too many things at once!

Love, Patrick

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stand by me

Ladies, the line forms to the left.

Oh, and although the pictures may seem to show otherwise, Aidan is in fact not drunk. It's the flash. No really. We swear. (Except we don't swear because we're too sweet)

Love, Aidan and Patrick

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


You may remember a while back that Aidan was talking about playing soccer at the 2036 Olympics. Well, I've decided to make a run at them too, only I am going for a different event - Gymnastics!

Not sure what I'll use this move for, but it can't hurt to be able to put your foot in your mouth!

Check out those splits!
Even better splits - man this is hard work!
Oh yeah, I can do them sitting up, too!
Watch out, because here I come!

Love, Patrick

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Boyz in the Hood

Friday, November 13, 2009

Who made these messes?!

Okay. Maybe it was me. :)

Love, Patrick

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm a little gremlin, short and stout

Love, Aidan

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Can you please direct us to the complaint box?

Dear Complaint Department,

Have you seen our baby food? You know, the stuff in jars? We'd like to formally complain about the disappearance of these foods we have come to know and love. We would also like to state that we don't like these new foods you've been giving us. They taste funny and have a very odd texture. If you could please return our baby food, we would be greatly indebted. 

Also, (since we have your attention) we'd like our 4 o'clock bottle back. We don't feel this needs any explanation, just please know that if you fail to return it, we'll continue to scream blood murder.

Thank you for your consideration.

Patrick and Aidan

PS: We've included some photographic evidence to further express our discontent

"Hmm... It's usually on here. Where did it go?"

"Okay, seriously. Where is the baby food?"

"I will not eat this cottage cheese. I will, however, eat my spoon. It's lack of nutrients isn't my problem!"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You know she's desperate when...

We'll let you imagine what kind of an afternoon we had. For inquiring minds, we didn't get into the Tupperware, she brought it out for us :)

Love, Patrick and Aidan

9 Months!

As of yesterday, we are nine months old! We thought we would share all of the neat things we can do now that we are three quarters of a year old.

We both:

  • Love blueberries! They are our favorite foods by far
  • Think Mom's earrings are the coolest toys in the world
  • Love jumping around in our exersaucer and jumperoo
  • Are great sitters and are starting to be able to get from sitting to laying on our tummies without causing bodily harm
  • Have no interest in feeding ourselves
  • Love our nuks
  • Think it's funny to be upside down
  • Love tubby day! We've discovered splashing and think it is so much fun!

Here's what Aidan is up to. He:
  • Is the best at getting up on his knees, but hasn't found something he wants badly enough to move forward yet
  • Loves things with lights, especially the light up key toy
  • Is great at using a sippy cup!
  • Loves to play fetch. He'll throw anything as long as he gets to watch someone go pick it up!
  • Could spend all day standing up against something
  • Makes lots of grunting noises where he starts and stops sounds
  • Says "More" very consistently while eating
  • Is not tickilish at all!
  • Makes you work to get a smile if you want one, but if you aren't trying to get one he'll laugh at the oddest things 
  • Likes to play "fold the baby in half" where you put his toes in his mouth for him
  • Loves to lean forward to make faces at Dad, especially while he's in his pack and play

Here's what Patrick is up to. He:
  • Is so ticklish! His neck, his shoulders, his tummy, his feet... you name it - he's ticklish there!
  • Loves his new found freedom now that he is army man crawling
  • Will crawl anywhere to get at electronics
  • Loves to laugh
  • Enjoys any toy that can spin, like his rattles and the triangle. Okay, he enjoys anything that has to do with spinning. Remember the video of him spinning himself?
  • Loves to snuggle
  • Hates bibs
  • Thinks sippy cups are for wussies
  • Shakes his head "no" for no reason at all
  • Gets a huge grin on his face when someone he knows walks into the room
  • Gives the best hugs and kisses (even if you lose a large chunk of hair in the process)

We're growing up so fast and man are we cute!

Love, Aidan and Patrick

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sometimes a brother just has to tell the truth

And Aidan, you looked really funny!

That is, until I learned I had to put the same thing on...

Happy Friday!
Love, Patrick

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In case the video didn't work...'s cute pictures from our day!

Patrick is always such a happy man!

Aidan is Mr. Serious...

...but makes the funniest faces!

Gettin some love from Brittany

Love, Aidan and Patrick

Baby on the Run

Much to the shock of everyone, I started crawling yesterday! Everyone said Aidan would be first, but I've been practicing by doing laps in my crib and decided yesterday was the day to pull out the stops and show everyone what I can do. Check me out!

Pretty cool, right?! I've been having so much fun getting into everything today. There is so much to discover!

Love, Patrick

Monday, November 2, 2009

And we thought Halloween was over!

We got to do something different today - it was finally nice enough to go outside! Brittany took us for a walk and we played outside for a few minutes when we got back. She put us in these little jester things and said we had to wear them to keep warm. We think she just won't let Halloween go... Here's a million some pictures from our time outdoors!

Love, Aidan and Patrick