Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Feeding" the ducks

This week we are getting to play with our Britty and our new friend, Andrea. So far we are loving having two people to play with and have some individualized attention! Today we decided to head out and feed some ducks. It was not easy to find ducks to feed, but we finally found some geese that looked hungry and there was no sign saying not to feed to water foul, so it was game on!

...Or so we thought. turns out, ducks and geese are kind of afraid of two running, screaming toddlers. As soon as we made our way onto the deck area to feed them they headed further out in the water. Thankfully we are pretty easy to please, so we just spent some time throwing the bread into the water and had a great time! Maybe next time they will know that we come in peace and bring food and stick around to eat it!

All our bread floating down the river. Hopefully some sort of creature got to enjoy them before they dissolved!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day of School!!

It's official - we're big boyz! Today was our first day of school (meaning, a daycare/preschool combination) and we had so much fun! Our classroom has a mouse in it named Hammy and we got to play with her and even help change her water bottle. We are at the older end of our class so we got to be good helpers with all the other kids. When Britty and our new friend, Andrea, came to pick us up our teacher told them that she wished she had 10 kids just like us because we were so great!

Getting ready to hop in the car and "hit the road!"

Outside our school - could we be any cuter with our little backpacks and lunch boxes?!

Things are really changing around here. We can't wait for Thursday so we can go back and play at school again!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stuck at School

We had our summer school class today, and just before it was time to go it started to rain like crazy! We hung out for a while in our classroom, but when we could tell that the rain wasn't letting up any time soon we decided to head on over to the school cafeteria and eat lunch there! Our school has a cool thing where they offer free lunch to all kids every day of the week. We really enjoyed being big boys in the lunch room today and hope we can stay for it again another week!

Big boy P!
 Big boy Aidan!

We sure are growing up fast!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


For Fun Friday today, we went to a new museum and got to see some dinosaurs! We've loved reading about dinosaurs in lots of the books we have, so we were really excited to see some big dinosaurs today.

Checkin out the Triceratops
 Aidy driving the tug boat and overlooking the big big river
 Doing some puzzles!
 Picking up the phones and learning about the dinosaurs
 P's turn to drive the boat!
 More fun puzzles!
 Learning about sound waves and playing the piano

The only thing missing was a moon rock, like Bert likes to go see! ;) It was a fun day at the museum!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Biker Boyz

This summer, we are all about bikes! We've only had them a few weeks but we have totally figured out pedaling and can cruise around pretty fast on our bikes. We even look pretty stylish (and old!) in our spiffy helmets!

Biker P!

Biker Aidy!

The McBiker Boyz!

Here's a video of us in action. A word of caution, turn your volume WAY down, if not off. We don't say anything cute, but we do like to yell when we're outside!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


If this doesn't show you the individual personalities of our Aidy and Patrick, I don't know what does!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Operation Birth Control?

Mom and Dad are out of town again, so we decided to put Operation Birth Control in full force again - we were getting up in the middle of the night, not taking good naps and being extra picky eaters. Perfect, right:?! But boy did we get the surprise of our lives when we had to go with Britty to the doctor yesterday morning. Did you know she's growing a baby in her tummy? Us either! She says the baby is coming "after Halloween" (November). I guess we really missed the mark! We had lots of talks with her this week and she said she is willing to pack up and move us to Canada with her and Dan before Mom and Dad get home or maybe draw up some adoption papers so she doesn't have to leave us. We're not so sure how Mom and Dad (or us!) will feel about that... 

Since we now have shortened time left together, we had an extra fun day today! We went to the mall and saw the fishies and made a new stuffed animal friend!

P loved touching the star fish in the touch pool
 More P :)
 Aidan tried, but was not a fan!
Then we went to build a new friend! Aidan picked a Monkey and Patrick picked a Dog. We grabbed a heart for each of them and had to rub it really hard to get it started!
 Here's P stepping on the pedal to fill up his puppy
 Poor Puppy needed surgery to fix his arm. Thankfully, he's expected to make a full recovery
 Aidan stepping on the pedal for Monkey
 A happy Patrick and his new pup
 Aidy loving on his new Monkey
 We were so good that we got to get a little baseball glove, bat and ball for them! We had so much fun today!!

Patrick and Aidan

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another baby gymnastics graduation!

Few kids can say they've already graduated three times before they were even two and a half, but seeing that we are always striving to be over achievers, we CAN say that! Today we had our third (and final, at least for the foreseeable future) baby gymnastics graduation. Our previous two, last summer and the end of last year, were at one center, but that closed down in January so this graduation was from a different gym (same company, different branch). We had to drive farther to get to this one, but we had lots and lots of fun and it was a great way to use up our plentiful energy this winter! Here's some snippets of what we learned and what we can do:

Aidan learned how to do a forward roll all by himself this semester! He loves to do them on the wedge thing because he can go really fast. He hardly even uses his arms to steady himself!

P learned lots of things, but all he felt like showing off was how to get up on all fours on the bar. He has been known to walk up and down the bar like this (called a "bear walk") but today he wasn't in the mood to show you! :)

The boys each got called up to receive a medal and hear about all the wonderful things their teacher has noticed about them!
(The background noise is REALLY loud, so be cautious as you watch this video!)

A quick picture of the boyz on their favorite piece of equipment: the bars! Aidan can get his feet all the way up on the bars and balance there - what a strong boy! P can almost get his feet up there too, but again, was not in a showy mood today! :)

Our class and teacher. It was a fun semester!

Aidan and Patrick, B.S., M.A., DBA

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fun Friday - new indoor park edition!

We try to have "Fun Fridays" around here, meaning that every Friday we head out for something. We usually alternate between something close and something not as close. Today was a close kind of Friday, and since it was raining we decided to check out a new indoor park! Here's some pictures from our outing:

 Aidan riding the "bear car"
 Cruising together on the 4 wheeler
 P on the "bear car"
Wistfully watching the other kids swimming at the attached pool

What's that, you ask? Where was the indoor park? Oh, that was lame. We were done with it the minute we saw those grocery store vehicles you can put quarters it. (Funny thing, though. Brittany said we couldn't put quarters into these ones or we'd break them. I wonder why?) Now all we want to do is go back and go swimming! Maybe we already know where we want to go next Friday...!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dance like no one is watching...

...and hope that when you do your nanny isn't standing near by with a camera! :)

Aidan and Patrick

Friday, May 27, 2011

Another trip to the museum

We got to go back to the museum today, and had so much fun! We're really getting old enough to enjoy pretending with all the things they have there.

It's important to hold hands - safety first!
P cooking up some food in the wok
 Our two chefs in the middle of a very busy kitchen
Rock star P ripping up a guitar solo!
 Rock star Aidey goes for the showier moves
 Just jammin together
Aidan blowing a big bubble
 Splashing around in the water and playing with ping pong balls. It doesn't get much better than that!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!
Love, Aidan and Patrick

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A dream come true

This morning, we went and played at the park near us to get out and enjoy one of the very few sunny days we've had recently. We were getting ready to leave when we saw a big backhoe being delivered to the empty lot right around the corner, so we took a little detour on the way home and saw the backhoe. It was just being delivered, but the man who delivered it said that if we came back while it was working we could probably get to take a ride in it, or at least sit in it! As Aidan said, "I excited!" We hurried home and ate a really good lunch. Good thing Brittany made one of our favorites, or I don't think we could have stopped talking about the backhoe long enough to put food in our mouths!

We finally finished and headed back over to the lot. As soon as we got there, a dump truck came that delivered a bunch of rock, so we got to watch it being poured out. That alone was really cool for two little guys who love trucks! But then the moment came - we got to ride in the backhoe with our new friend Mr. Cody! Well, okay, maybe not WE, but Aidan did get to go up in the truck and move the bucket! (Patrick clammed right up and did not want to go with our new friend up into the truck.) It was a little like the Santa phenomenon: we were really stoked about doing it until we got up to get on the truck/Santa's lap and we kind of freaked out. We did get some pictures, though, so we can remember our fun time checking out the trucks. We are going to be talking about this for a long time to come!!

That. Was. AWESOME!

Love, Aidan and Patrick

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thomas the nigh-night Choo Choo!

We got new big boy beds yesterday! We aren't quite ready to sleep in them yet, but we are having a great time playing with them! Thanks, Mom and Dad!!

Patrick assessing the parts for assembly
Helping Daddy put them together
Aidan claiming "his" bed
Patrick loves Thomas!
Got our blankies - ready to snuggle!
 Good night Aidan!