Friday, May 27, 2011

Another trip to the museum

We got to go back to the museum today, and had so much fun! We're really getting old enough to enjoy pretending with all the things they have there.

It's important to hold hands - safety first!
P cooking up some food in the wok
 Our two chefs in the middle of a very busy kitchen
Rock star P ripping up a guitar solo!
 Rock star Aidey goes for the showier moves
 Just jammin together
Aidan blowing a big bubble
 Splashing around in the water and playing with ping pong balls. It doesn't get much better than that!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!
Love, Aidan and Patrick

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A dream come true

This morning, we went and played at the park near us to get out and enjoy one of the very few sunny days we've had recently. We were getting ready to leave when we saw a big backhoe being delivered to the empty lot right around the corner, so we took a little detour on the way home and saw the backhoe. It was just being delivered, but the man who delivered it said that if we came back while it was working we could probably get to take a ride in it, or at least sit in it! As Aidan said, "I excited!" We hurried home and ate a really good lunch. Good thing Brittany made one of our favorites, or I don't think we could have stopped talking about the backhoe long enough to put food in our mouths!

We finally finished and headed back over to the lot. As soon as we got there, a dump truck came that delivered a bunch of rock, so we got to watch it being poured out. That alone was really cool for two little guys who love trucks! But then the moment came - we got to ride in the backhoe with our new friend Mr. Cody! Well, okay, maybe not WE, but Aidan did get to go up in the truck and move the bucket! (Patrick clammed right up and did not want to go with our new friend up into the truck.) It was a little like the Santa phenomenon: we were really stoked about doing it until we got up to get on the truck/Santa's lap and we kind of freaked out. We did get some pictures, though, so we can remember our fun time checking out the trucks. We are going to be talking about this for a long time to come!!

That. Was. AWESOME!

Love, Aidan and Patrick

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thomas the nigh-night Choo Choo!

We got new big boy beds yesterday! We aren't quite ready to sleep in them yet, but we are having a great time playing with them! Thanks, Mom and Dad!!

Patrick assessing the parts for assembly
Helping Daddy put them together
Aidan claiming "his" bed
Patrick loves Thomas!
Got our blankies - ready to snuggle!
 Good night Aidan!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Dreams

On this rainy Monday, here's more pictures of us enjoying the (brief) beautiful weather we had last week:

Summer, please come soon!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Last Day of School

Today we had our last day of school. We go to school one day a week for two hours. The first hour we play with Brittany, make projects about the day's theme, and have circle time where we sing songs and learn more about the day's theme. The second hour, Brittany goes away with the other moms and they talk about things like potty training, discipline and sleeping while we get more play time with our teachers and friends. When we first started school in September, we cried the whole time Brittany would leave and hated being away from our comfort zone. We would hold our little blankies and cry in the corner until she came back. Aidan, especially, was really really shy and didn't talk at all. Now, we LOVE school and do so well when Brittany leaves! We talk to our teachers and love playing with our friends. We have grown up so much over the year and we are pretty darn proud of ourselves for it! School has been a great learning time and we are sad to see it end. We hope we are in the same class with all of our friends next year!

Here's a picture from our first day in September:
and here we are on the last day, today!

Here's our class picture on the last day:

We had a great year and we'll miss it so much! Good thing Brittany's got some play dates planned for us and our friends! :)

Love, Aidan and Patrick

If you want to look back at our first day, click here.

Friday, May 13, 2011

The REAL M and M boyz

Basketball is a thing of the past around here. Our new favorite thing is baseball!! We have to tees that we set up in the backyard on nice days and we hit away. We are picking it up pretty fast and love when the sun is out so we can play!

Patrick stepping up to the plate:

Aidan ready to swing for the seats:

And some video of us in action:

("I running home" kills me every time... :) )

Friday, May 6, 2011

More Zoo?!

It's true! Today we went to another zoo near us and had a great time looking around at the animals!

The little model - always ready to strike a pose!

The busy bee - much more interested in the thing with wheels than the camera!

Checking out Buffalo
 A Mommy giraffe and her baby!

What a fun day at the zoo! Can you tell it's one of our favorite places to go?