Monday, August 31, 2009

Halloween Costume?

We heard Halloween is coming up and are trying to come up with good ideas for our costumes. Today we were practicing being deer in head lights. What do you think?

Pretty great, huh! Now all we have to do is find some antlers...


Finally, something worth eating!

I had bananas for breakfast this morning, and boy were they good! I even licked my bowl clean!

Brittany is always calling me a monkey, so I guess it should be no surprise that I love...

... sorry about that. I found some more banana on my bib. Anyways, I had a great morning and really loved my bananas.

Anyone know where I can get me some more of those things?

Love, Aidan

Friday, August 28, 2009

Baby Jail

Yesterday I figured out how to pull the mobile in our crib down so I could eat it, so I showed Aidan how to do it too. No one else seemed too impressed with our new trick. As of this last night we no longer have our mobiles above our crib. I was pretty bummed, but today I woke up to find a toy tied to the side of my crib - awesome! I started playing with it, hoping I would wake Aidan up so he could see too, but he just slept right through it. I thought for a while and came up with a great plan: I'd give my best teradactyl scream and wake him up! After a few good tries, it worked! The only problem was he didn't seem happy about being woken up. It was then I knew I was in trouble. Sure enough, I was sent to baby jail. Baby jail sounds scary, but really it's not too bad. See?
I like to make them think it's bad, but a guy can get a pretty good nap in while in baby jail!

Love, Patrick


Hi all - Aidan here! Welcome to our super hip baby blog! We're working on being advanced at everything, so we figured we better get to using these fancy computers and stuff right away!
The past few weeks every one's been feeding us all this new stuff. I'm not sure why they insist on putting different colored mush in my mouth twice a day, but they seem pretty intent on me liking it. Here's how I felt about peas...
Whoa! Not a good face, right?! Clearly, I'm not happy about those veggie things. No matter how loud I try to tell them that all I want is my bottle, this is what I get. Maybe someday they'll learn.
Mom, Dad, and our nanny, Brittany, have been telling me how great today was going to be because they were going to feed me fruits. As you can see, I tried to be cooperative because they seemed so excited. The apples they fed me were okay. They kind of grew on me by this afternoon, but I still definitely prefer my bottle!
Patrick, on the other hand, cannot get enough of this stuff! Check out this face from when he tried green beans:
Can you believe him - he loves this stuff! Brittany keeps telling him to teach me how good veggies are, but I know better. It will take a whole lot longer before I jump on that band wagon!
So obviously since Patrick liked veggies, he LOVED apples. He pretty much just sat there with his mouth open waiting for more. He was even still hungry after he finished his bottle, so he polished off the rest of the jar of apples! Way to make me look bad, brother.
Well, we hope you enjoyed our first installment on our baby blog. Check back every day around our afternoon nap time. We're going to take turns sneaking out so nobody catches on!
Love, Aidan