Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mission 2.0

That's right folks, we're now in full swing of Operation Birth Control 2.0! Mom and Dad left before we woke up this morning for some place warm and sunny. We really miss them, but we understand the need for a break, too. Can you imagine the strain on your eyes of looking at both of our cute faces day in and day out?! We try to stay away from mirrors so we don't have to deal with it too much. We can't wait for them to come back all refreshed late this weekend, but we know we have a task in front of us with Operation Birth Control. So far we've had a pretty normal day except for one thing: a puppy! Brittany brought her puppy, Willow, to play with us today and we have had so much fun! She's really soft and gives great kisses! We have been chasing her all around the main level today.

Dad says we used to have a puppy that looked just like her. I bet he was lots of fun! We really like having her around and hope to take her for a walk later tonight!

Oh, and Mom: we knew you'd wonder, so today we had Cheerios and yogurt for breakfast, blueberries for morning snack and ham and cheese omelets for lunch. We also took kind of a crappy nap this morning, but Brittany found some more molars that are popping through so she gave us some Motrin with lunch and we're having a really good afternoon nap. Enjoy the warm weather - we miss you already!!

Love, Aidan and Patrick

PS: We went through all our old posts and labeled them, so now if you just want to see posts about Food, or Milestones, you can click on the word on the right sidebar and it will sort the posts for you!


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