Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's on

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. It's time for

(cue dramatic music)

The Great Tooth Race!

In the blue corner, sporting his handsome curls and fearless blue eyes, is Patrick!

Do you have anything to say, Patrick?

Don't speak too soon! Victory is not yours yet!

And in the green corner, sporting the serious look and drool stained shirt, is Aidan!

How about you, Aidan? Anything you'd like to say?

Ah, the strong silent type. Good tactic.

And now for the scores. What a shocker - we have a tie!! Both boys come in with two teeth on the bottom and two teeth on the top! Now, someone go get the teethers out of the freezer so we can properly reward these boys!

Stay tuned - something tells us these new teeth may be bringing friends later this week!


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