Friday, December 11, 2009

All We Want For Christmas Part II

Brittany decided that today would be a good day to try (again) and get pictures of our new teeth to show you all and it became a little bit of an adventure. As you'll see, we had lots of fun, though!

First up was Patrick:
No eyes, but decent teeth shot!

See it peeking through on the right?

You may think I'm smiling for Brittany, but it's definitely for the bottle.

Are they hiding in there?

Finally a good view of the chompers!

Now for Aidan, who may or may not have made it more difficult:
Are you looking for teeth, or snot?

Not your best joke. Try again.

My teeth are being coy for the camera!

Who's aiming this thing?

Tada! Two handsome front teeth!

So there you have it. We got our front teeth! Now, where are those presents?

Love, Aidan and Patrick


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