Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Guess what I did today? I took my first few creeps (lunges? movements?) forward on my knees with my belly off the ground! I'm pretty excited about it. Here's an action shot:

Pretty cool, huh! I'm so proud of myself that I've been smiling all day. Brittany tried to get a picture of my big grins, but I like to make it hard on her.

I guess you get the idea. It's so fun to be learning all these new things!


Okay, I guess we should mention Patrick, too. How are you feeling with all those new teeth?

I know. These teeth are no fun. Maybe we should be getting money from that fairy lady for growing them. I think it's much harder to grow teeth than it is to lose them! So watch out tooth fairy - we're coming to get you!

Happy Wednesday!
Love, Aidan


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