Thursday, December 10, 2009

10 Months Old!

That's right world, as of yesterday we are now 10 months old! Here's a little snapshot of what we're like these days:

We're both:

  • standing and pulling ourselves up on everything!
  • learning to like big people food more and more. 
  • napping like champs
  • becoming more curious and getting into everything that we can
  • still love bath time - splashing is so much fun!
  • crawling all over the place
  • the proud owners of four teeth - two on top and two on the bottom
  • not good at sharing
  • very unhappy when you change our diapers, until you remind us that our toes and our tummies are hiding under our clothes!
Now for me - Patrick!


I am:
  • chewing on everything
  • still a big fan of all things that spin
  • as ticklish as they come!
  • driving everyone crazy with my caveman grunt that I like to do all the time
  • great at pulling Aidan's hair (or anyone's for that matter) and getting what I want
  • loving bananas, yogurt, Cheerios, and big crackers that I can suck on
  • great at finding lots of little buttons to push on
  • Mr. Smiley!
  • a big fan of pulling over the toy buckets so I have the whole gamut of toys to pick from!
  • a great kisser! I love to pull people in for a big wet one!
Don't forget about me - Aidan!


I am:
  • a boy who likes to stand! If I had it my way I would stand all day long
  • officially a self feeder! Just this week I figured out how to get food in my mouth and it is great. 
  • a big fan of bananas, cheese, Cheerios, peas and carrots
  • one funny man! I love to make crazy faces and jiggle my head around like I'm a bobble head
  • a clapping maniac most days
  • a great reader. I love my books!
  • a trouble maker at nap time. I love to stand up in my crib and tell stories or sing songs that keep Patrick up
  • figuring out that Patrick was right that jumping in our jumperoo is really fun!
  • quite the talker. I can say "more" and "nana" (which means banana, at least until Nana comes back from that warm place) and "milk"
  • the world champion drooler
We sure are growing up fast!

Love, Aidan and Patrick


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