Monday, September 14, 2009

Sharing and Sitting

See that dragonfly? It is a coveted toy around here. During tummy time today, Brittany put us facing each other with toys in the middle. It didn't take long before we both got a hold of the dragonfly and decided that we wanted to chew on it. Brittany said it would be good for us to learn this thing called "sharing". She tried to explain it, but all we heard her say is that if we learn it now we'll be way ahead of the curve in preschool, when everyone else learns about sharing. We've decided that if everyone else can wait to learn how to share, then we can too! We're already way ahead of our peers (do you know any other seven month olds with a blog? I didn't think so.) so we can take it easy on learning this sharing thing. Plus, this way we can build up more muscle strength by fighting over stuff, and everyone knows even preschool chicks like muscles.

In other fun news, I am doing really well at sitting! Must be the new tooth I sprouted (yep, I now have two!) that's balanced me out and helped me sit better. I'm really good until someone leaves my side. See, I like the one on one attention I get when people are helping me sit, so as soon as they leave I knock myself over so they have to come back. Pretty clever, huh!
Check out my curls! I'm bringing back the flipped out curls, so when you see them on the runway next season, you'll know where they came from.
The most exciting news is that mom comes home tomorrow! Even better, where she is it already is tomorrow,  so she'll be home really soon! We've missed her SO much and can't wait to drool kiss all over her! Travel safe, mom! We'll be waiting here to see you!

Love, Patrick


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