Thursday, September 3, 2009

Operation Birth Control: Day Two

Aidan and I were talking this afternoon and we think they must be doing something different with our food here, because it is even better than usual! We were both couldn't get enough of our carrots and pears today!
See? Even Aidan was happy about eating!

Maybe the reason it was so good was the new chef. He was fun!

Willow came downstairs and played with us, so we showed her how tummy time works. She's a quick learner!

We also got to take Willow on a long walk this evening. I had a blast, but Aidan wasn't feeling in the mood for pictures.

We're sleeping really great here. I think mom and dad will be bummed, but we figured we needed to let Brittany get more beauty sleep. Mom doesn't need anymore beauty, so we'll probably go back to getting up early at home so we can see her more.
I know we said we were going to give them heck today, but we just couldn't help being the little angels we are. Being perfect is so hard sometimes...
I'm off to get another great night's sleep!
Love, Patrick


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