Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Feeding" the ducks

This week we are getting to play with our Britty and our new friend, Andrea. So far we are loving having two people to play with and have some individualized attention! Today we decided to head out and feed some ducks. It was not easy to find ducks to feed, but we finally found some geese that looked hungry and there was no sign saying not to feed to water foul, so it was game on!

...Or so we thought. turns out, ducks and geese are kind of afraid of two running, screaming toddlers. As soon as we made our way onto the deck area to feed them they headed further out in the water. Thankfully we are pretty easy to please, so we just spent some time throwing the bread into the water and had a great time! Maybe next time they will know that we come in peace and bring food and stick around to eat it!

All our bread floating down the river. Hopefully some sort of creature got to enjoy them before they dissolved!


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