Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another baby gymnastics graduation!

Few kids can say they've already graduated three times before they were even two and a half, but seeing that we are always striving to be over achievers, we CAN say that! Today we had our third (and final, at least for the foreseeable future) baby gymnastics graduation. Our previous two, last summer and the end of last year, were at one center, but that closed down in January so this graduation was from a different gym (same company, different branch). We had to drive farther to get to this one, but we had lots and lots of fun and it was a great way to use up our plentiful energy this winter! Here's some snippets of what we learned and what we can do:

Aidan learned how to do a forward roll all by himself this semester! He loves to do them on the wedge thing because he can go really fast. He hardly even uses his arms to steady himself!

P learned lots of things, but all he felt like showing off was how to get up on all fours on the bar. He has been known to walk up and down the bar like this (called a "bear walk") but today he wasn't in the mood to show you! :)

The boys each got called up to receive a medal and hear about all the wonderful things their teacher has noticed about them!
(The background noise is REALLY loud, so be cautious as you watch this video!)

A quick picture of the boyz on their favorite piece of equipment: the bars! Aidan can get his feet all the way up on the bars and balance there - what a strong boy! P can almost get his feet up there too, but again, was not in a showy mood today! :)

Our class and teacher. It was a fun semester!

Aidan and Patrick, B.S., M.A., DBA


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