Friday, June 3, 2011

Fun Friday - new indoor park edition!

We try to have "Fun Fridays" around here, meaning that every Friday we head out for something. We usually alternate between something close and something not as close. Today was a close kind of Friday, and since it was raining we decided to check out a new indoor park! Here's some pictures from our outing:

 Aidan riding the "bear car"
 Cruising together on the 4 wheeler
 P on the "bear car"
Wistfully watching the other kids swimming at the attached pool

What's that, you ask? Where was the indoor park? Oh, that was lame. We were done with it the minute we saw those grocery store vehicles you can put quarters it. (Funny thing, though. Brittany said we couldn't put quarters into these ones or we'd break them. I wonder why?) Now all we want to do is go back and go swimming! Maybe we already know where we want to go next Friday...!


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