Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Today was are the big two years old!!

We've had a very fun day so far. We had a Valentines Day party this morning at school with all of our friends, and we've been getting to eat all of our favorite things. After school, Nana and Papa called and we got to talk to them. They even sang us happy birthday! While we were taking a tubby, Grandpa called, too! We're having a great day and can't wait for Mom and Dad to get home so we can celebrate more with them, too.

This weekend we got to have a party with some of our family and friends. We got some really great presents and had a really fun time playing with our cousins!

Opening presents:
Lots of great new clothes!
Playing with our cool new bowling set and wearing our new superhero capes!

Mom made us a yummy lasagna dinner!
Then it was time for cake! Britty made us an extra special train cake!
(It's hard to see, but there is a monkey driving the "A.R. Express" (Aidan's initials) and a Lion driving the "P.L. Flyer" (Patrick's initials))

She tried to get a picture with us, but really all we cared about was trying to get our fingers in the cake!
It was really good and we dug right in!

Thanks to everyone for making our second year so special! We have a lot up our sleeves for this next year as two year olds! :)

Love, Two year old Aidan and Two year old Patrick


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