Thursday, February 17, 2011

Operation Birth Control strikes again!

Yesterday morning Mom and Dad left on a big airplane, so that means it's nice for another Operation Birth Control mission! If you've missed out on any of our entries on previous Operation Birth Controls, (which you can go back and read by clicking on the "Operation Birth Control" link below) it's where we put our not-as-nice feet forward so that Brittany and her husband, Dan, don't start to enjoy having kids around 24/7 and want one of their own. Can you imagine how disappointed they'd be when they baby came out not even half as cute as we are?! It's a tragedy we're doing our best to avoid.

We started off easy and had a great day yesterday. Today we pulled out our favorite trick for her and Patrick started running a fever. He's got a really snotty nose and isn't sleeping well because he's coughing and all stuffed up, which in turn keeps Aidan up and grumpy as well. It's the perfect combo for Operation Birth Control!

We got out for a walk this afternoon because it was so beautiful outside. We loved being toted around in our wagon!

We can't wait for the snow to melt so we can go to the park!

Don't worry too much about Brittany. We made sure to lay the night time snuggles and cuteness really thick. We know just the way to her heart!

We'll be back tomorrow with more fun Operation Birth Control fun!


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