Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today we graduated from our baby gymnastics class!

We learned SO much this summer at class, like how to do rolls:


And how to hang on the bar:

Today Patrick even climbed up the mat while hanging onto the bar!

We played with balls:


And just had fun climbing all over everything!

We had a little ceremony at the end of class and all the ladies got all teared up when our teacher got all teary eyed talking about all that we have accomplished this semester. Can you believe when we started this class Aidan and just taken his first steps and Patrick wasn't even walking yet?! Now we're hanging onto bars and doing flips! Pretty impressive stuff if you ask us! We got to climb up to the top of a podium and get a sticker and a ribbon from our great teacher. Here we are looking so big and getting our first ribbon!



Checking out our cool new ribbons and stickers!
Yay us! We can't wait to go back in a few weeks and learn even more!

Love, Aidan and Patrick


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