Thursday, August 12, 2010

A day at the Museum

Today we went on an adventure to the museum for kids! We were pretty tentative at first, but once we figured out we could touch and play with everything we were all over the place! Here's our day in (mass amounts of) pictures!

We started our day off in a pretend city! Our favorite part was the grocery store. We spent a long time putting things in and out of carts, and sorting the different fruit and veggies.
We were really excited when we found the bananas, because they are our favorite food, and we can BOTH say banana!

Next we were off to the water and bubbles room! Patrick headed straight for the bubbles!

And Aidan went for the water. They had little balls you could put in the tubes and watch them make their way back out that were so fun!

Patrick got really excited when he discovered a hand dryer that turned on as soon as you put your hand under it. He kept going back, turning it on, and then running away laughing! Silly boy!

Then we found the trucks and wheels. We had to be pulled away from the steering wheels because they were so much fun!

Our last stop was a room with caves, fish, and even a turtle! Patrick loved playing peek-a-boo as he came out of the caves!

Aidan was fascinated by the turtle and the fish!

By the end, we were really tired!

It was a fun and busy day at the museum!
Love, Aidan and Patrick


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