Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The indoor park

Today we went to a super fun new place - the inside park! They had all kinds of cool stuff for us to climb all over and play with and there were lots and lots of other kids there, too!

Aidan started out pretty shy and unsure of where we landed, but don't worry, he loosened up and had some fun eventually!

From the moment we walked in Patrick was lusting after the ball pit. He thought it was so cool!

We both got our turn in the ball pit and it was pretty fun! (even though it doesn't look like it in this picture!)

The best thing, though, was all the stuff they had to climb on! Brittany always calls Aidan her monkey, but I was a climbing machine on these things today!
I got myself in and out of it lots of times. It was so much fun!!
See how proud I am of my self!

We really liked the indoor park and can't wait to go back sometime. Before long, we hope it stops raining so we can go to both the indoor and outdoor parks!

Love, Patrick and Aidan


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