Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Can you please direct us to the complaint box?

Dear Complaint Department,

Have you seen our baby food? You know, the stuff in jars? We'd like to formally complain about the disappearance of these foods we have come to know and love. We would also like to state that we don't like these new foods you've been giving us. They taste funny and have a very odd texture. If you could please return our baby food, we would be greatly indebted. 

Also, (since we have your attention) we'd like our 4 o'clock bottle back. We don't feel this needs any explanation, just please know that if you fail to return it, we'll continue to scream blood murder.

Thank you for your consideration.

Patrick and Aidan

PS: We've included some photographic evidence to further express our discontent

"Hmm... It's usually on here. Where did it go?"

"Okay, seriously. Where is the baby food?"

"I will not eat this cottage cheese. I will, however, eat my spoon. It's lack of nutrients isn't my problem!"


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