Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Last Day of School

Today we had our last day of school. We go to school one day a week for two hours. The first hour we play with Brittany, make projects about the day's theme, and have circle time where we sing songs and learn more about the day's theme. The second hour, Brittany goes away with the other moms and they talk about things like potty training, discipline and sleeping while we get more play time with our teachers and friends. When we first started school in September, we cried the whole time Brittany would leave and hated being away from our comfort zone. We would hold our little blankies and cry in the corner until she came back. Aidan, especially, was really really shy and didn't talk at all. Now, we LOVE school and do so well when Brittany leaves! We talk to our teachers and love playing with our friends. We have grown up so much over the year and we are pretty darn proud of ourselves for it! School has been a great learning time and we are sad to see it end. We hope we are in the same class with all of our friends next year!

Here's a picture from our first day in September:
and here we are on the last day, today!

Here's our class picture on the last day:

We had a great year and we'll miss it so much! Good thing Brittany's got some play dates planned for us and our friends! :)

Love, Aidan and Patrick

If you want to look back at our first day, click here.


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