Friday, April 22, 2011

Indoor gym

Today we went with some of our friends from school to a new indoor gym. It was so much fun! They had all kinds of things to run around and play with, and everything is padded so we got to be pretty adventurous.

They had a foam circle with a little wedge cut out that we sat in and rocked back and forth. As you can tell by his face, Aidan really liked it!

 Our favorite thing by far, though, was the foam pit. It's like a big swimming pool filled with these foam blocks, so Brittany would just throw us in and we could "swim" around for a bit. Maybe someday soon we'll be brave enough to jump in by ourselves.

(Brittany asked us to look at her and say "cheese", so Patrick the Ham gave his best model pose. What a funny boy!)

They have open gym every Friday, so we hope to go back and play with our friends again sometime!


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