Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The land of fishies

Today we got to go on a trip with cousin Derek and Brittany to see lots and LOTS of fish! We had so much fun!

When we got there, they had little pools where we could touch some star fish. We were brave and very gentle with them!

Aidan and the star fish
 Patrick with the star fish
 With Derek at the start of the aquariums

Looking at some tropical fishies
 We loved the jelly fish! And we really loved that you could see through the little tubes they were in! :) (see Patrick hiding behind it?)

Looking at the sting rays
 Watching the sharks over head with Derek
 A really, REALLY big turtle! (Aidan's favorite!)
 Aidan loved looking up and seeing the fish swimming over his head!
We made a quick trip to the Lego store on our way out :)
We had such a fun day! Thanks for coming to play with us, Derek!


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