Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gold Medalists

Today we graduated from the next level of baby gymnastics and were given a gold medal for all our hard work! Before we get to the medal ceremony, here's some shots of us in action!

Patrick loves jumping on the Air Track! (In technical terms, it's an inflatable bouncy thing)

Aidan loves swinging on the rings

Aidan doing a forward roll with our teacher

And the most impressive? Check out Patrick's flip on the bar!

Pretty amazing, right?! In all fairness, Aidan can do it, too. Brittany was just too slow with the camera when he did it. We learned a lot this semester and we can't wait to go back and do more!

And now for the gold medal ceremony! We got to walk up the stairs and receive our medal one at a time. They were even playing the olympic ceremony music in the background! Up first was Aidan!

(those balloons looked so fun!)

Yay Aidan!

Then it was Patrick's turn!
(he didn't want to stand up...)

Hurray Patrick!

And now, your gold medal finalists, the McTwin Boyz!
And don't they look thrilled about it!


Missy Schranz said...

Oh, how adorable! Congrats Patrick & Aidan!! Thank you, Brittany, for keeping up this blog. It's so fun to read it. :0)
God bless you!

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