Friday, July 9, 2010

17 Months!

Holy cow! Today the boyz are 17 months old! Here's the quick look at what they're up to:

(Apparently 17 month olds don't like sitting still and having their picture taken)

(So what was a girl to do? Bribe them of course! Patrick's still not feeling it yet, though...)

You both are:
  • Down to one nap a day
  • Done with nuks! 
  • LOVE books and reading, both with other people and alone
  • Really enjoying songs with actions, especially Wheels on the Bus, Tick Tock, and Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Just starting to pretend. You love the pretend to eat the food in your little kitchen downstairs
  • VERY attached! If Mom and Dad are around, you only want them, and if they're not there, I'm the substitute, but if someone else comes near you or we look like we are going to leave you are NOT okay with it!
  • Fascinated with how I cook. You love for me to show you the fruits and veggies I'm going to cut up and feed you, or salt the water when we're cooking pasta
(Really, have you ever met a bigger ham?! He didn't want to pose for pictures together, but on his own he was all about smiling for the camera!)

You are:
  • WALKING!! We are all so proud of you, and you LOVE the attention and praise we give you when you take off! 
  • Still in love with everything that has buttons, especially if they make noise
  • A ham! When we go to play group, you pick out a skinny blonde (just like your mama!) and climb on on their lap and flirt! It's a different mom every week, and you just work the room! Every one loves little blue eyed P!
  • In love with talking on the phone. If someone calls during the day, you insist on talking to them. You'll put just about any toy up to your ear and pretend to be chatting away!
(Such a little monkey! You were not going to sit still - until I bribed you of course!)

You are:
  • Still a big fan of balls. You love to say "ball" and you are way too good at throwing one across the room! You amaze me when we're at baby gym and you throw much farther than all the other kids who are older than you! Some days I think we should call the Twins recruiters already!
  • In love with trucks and airplanes, and really anything with wheels. You are definitely all boy!
  • Trying SO hard to climb on everything. You aren't quite tall enough to be able to pull yourself up on everything yet, but you are so close!
  • A great shoe fetcher! Every day when your Mom and Dad come home, you head towards the door and get me my shoes. You are a great little helper and you are so cute!
Happy 17 Months boyz! I love you so much!!


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