Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crafty Boyz

Today we went to playgroup and learned all about ladybugs! We even made our very first art project!

Patrick concentrating on his art

Aidan playing with playdough

Are you ready to be amazed? Here's our very first art project that we did (almost!) all by ourselves!
Pretty impressive, huh! Aidan's is on the left, Patrick's is on the right. Mom and Dad are going to need a thousand fridges to keep up with all the awesome art work we're going to be bringing home!

Love, Patrick and Aidan


Sarah said...

Writing a blog from the twins point of view is SUCH a great idea!! I'm sure it must be so special to their parents! :)
I came over from the MckMama forum.I had to seeing how I babysit 1 year old twins,too! :)

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