Monday, February 22, 2010

Shave and a Haircut

Two boys!

Want to play a game? Ready - guess who:

"No way! You thought that was me, Aidan?!"

We both got our haircut and now you can't tell us apart from the back so easily! Don't we look so grown up?!

We haven't been able to stop checking ourselves out!


I'm not really in the mood to show off my new haircut today, so you'll have to settle for pictures of Patrick

Well, that should be enough handsome to get you through the day!
Love, Aidan


Anonymous said...

Ok, so is this blog like one of those TV shows where they change the actors who play the characters? Everybody on the show acts like nothing happened, but there you are watching it and shouting, "hey, that's an imposter! Where's the REAL Becky Connor/Darren Stevens/younger brother Partridge-family-drummer kid (Chris?)????

Its like that here, huh. Well I for one LIKED the old Aidan and Patrick! Yes, as a fan of this blog, I DID notice the switch! Bring them back! Bring back the real Aidan and Patick!

(I mean... Really? REALLY? Who are these boyz?)

--A concerned follower

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