Friday, January 22, 2010


We've been working on it for a few months now, but we are now baby food free! We haven't had that mushy stuff in a few weeks and we are loving life on all big kid food. There are some things we really aren't too sure about yet, but for the most part we enjoy the spread put out for us. We both love banana, cheese, peas, Cheerios and pears. Our favorite has been Mom's pork and potatoes that she made - YUM! Aidan also loves squash, sweet potato and just about anything else you put in front of him. Mom and Dad call him a garbage disposal! Patrick is pickier, but we discovered today that he really likes tomatoes! Over all we are really great eaters!

Brittany was telling us today that now that we are great eaters we get to start having more meals rather than just one or two foods at a time. For lunch this afternoon she made us a pasta salad and it was great! It has noodles (with a little bit of butter on them of course), tomatoes and peas. We could definitely get used to this meal thing!

You have to check food out before you eat it, to make sure it's safe!

Hey Mikey! They like it!

Don't bug me - I'm eating!

Love, Aidan and Patrick


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